Tuesday, 18 February 2014

February 2014 Hearts flowers and awards

Well.. January was a  busy month after all with workshops in Manchester at the UK school of Floristry which was  so much fun  and a visit to  Henley for a lovely group of floral designers  and freelance work  in a very  lovely shop here in Kent .
It was also  fantastic to receive news that three designs I entered into the Fusion Flower competition all won Bronze awards which I am delighted  about.

 free choice

 February arrived so fast that I have hardly  had time to catch my breath before the onslaught of Valentines day  and having survived  the busy shop for 3 days  I am now  all set to take my first flight this year up  to Scotland  to teach  floral jewellery  to florists  near Edinburgh over the weekend. Looking forward to the rest of the month.. Bring it on !!!!