Sunday, 16 January 2011

Pasadena Rose Bowl Parade - New Years Day 2011

Having had a hectic 3 weeks in Madison Wisconsin in November/December I just had enough time at home to turn the house into Christmas, shop for last minute presents buy all the food for our 7 guests on Christmas day and repack my bag. I headed back to Heathrow on Boxing day for my flight to LAX and begun the trip to Pasadena where I would be spending 7 days with fellow floral designers . And what an experience it was.!!! We were involved with decorating 2 floats created by Matt and Katie who own Charisma floats. For West Covina they designed and created a float called "Heroes in the Making" and for the LA fire department they built the "Reflect Refresh Renew" float in memory of the Twin Towers disaster. Both floats were amazing and had us all and the public too shedding a few tears . I had no idea the amount of work that goes into the Pasadena Rose Parade and definitely want to go back again.