Sunday, 15 May 2011

I love my life and I love my job as a floral designer too but sometimes things are sent to try us . Smithers oasis invited me to head north to be the guest designer for the summer edition of "fresh" magazine. So armed with a car load of fab flowers from my trusted wholesaler in Ashford and a ton of exciting sundries from Oasis I headed north on my adventure with my trusty sat nat for company. OK !!!! big mistake number 1- DO NOT EVER TRUST YOUR SAT NAV !!!!! it has a hidden agenda- first, it estimated the travelling time to be 5.5 hours- 8 hours later I am at my pretend destination and its an hour too far north from the real destination. . Real Destination finally reached without any help of the sat nav but with help from the locals at the petrol station. I finally head to the hotel with a 2nd sat nave installed, estimated time 15 minutes !!! 60 minutes later I have passed a local land mark 7 times and the sat nave stops working completly in the middle of a rush hour traffic jam !!!! Destination finally found with help of local policeman who felt sorry for me and I arrived just in time to go for dinner !!!!.
The photo shoot was fantastic and I had fun with the Oasis team and the magazine will be out in July so be sure to pick up a copy from your wholesaler or from Smithers direct. The new Maxi life foam is brilliant if you havent tried it so check it out.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Manic Months of April and May

April welcomed the arrival of Jodi Duncan AIFD to the UK on her very first long haul and I was there at the airport waving a flag for the Brits and the stars and stripes for the USA and to give her a welcoming flower too . The next day John Hosek AIFD hot footed it in to join us on a trip to Kippen in Scotland which we embarked on the very next day at 4am !. Fusion Flowers hosted us all along with four other amazing designers from Belgium, Finland Germany and Debbie from Scotland and our two lovely helpers Amy and Amanda
This years "Weddings" photo shoot has to be one of the best so far and we had a brilliant time with everyone. Such fantastic hospitality and warmth from Alison and Denis Bradley who encourage us all to be ourselves and bring out the best in everyone.
Wedding 6 will be out at the end of May and is held at 2010 prices if you pre-order

Back to London over to Paris back to London and some castles and oast house sight seeing thrown in. It all culminating in Jodi and I being at the Royal wedding on the 29th at 6am in the morning and bagging a brilliant spot on Horse guards parade. Great atmosphere and a chance of a life time for the lass from Illinois

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Pasadena Rose Bowl Parade - New Years Day 2011

Having had a hectic 3 weeks in Madison Wisconsin in November/December I just had enough time at home to turn the house into Christmas, shop for last minute presents buy all the food for our 7 guests on Christmas day and repack my bag. I headed back to Heathrow on Boxing day for my flight to LAX and begun the trip to Pasadena where I would be spending 7 days with fellow floral designers . And what an experience it was.!!! We were involved with decorating 2 floats created by Matt and Katie who own Charisma floats. For West Covina they designed and created a float called "Heroes in the Making" and for the LA fire department they built the "Reflect Refresh Renew" float in memory of the Twin Towers disaster. Both floats were amazing and had us all and the public too shedding a few tears . I had no idea the amount of work that goes into the Pasadena Rose Parade and definitely want to go back again.